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The point where clouds vanish into vapor and invisible vapor returns to clouds symbolizes the magical interaction between the world of dreams and their practical reality. My life has always danced along this boundary.

As a child, this mystical world saved my sanity, and provided a background of inspiration and strength that sustained me through difficult family and school environments.

As an adult I still play along the frontal zone between these two boundaries. One of the ways I do so is to continue to dream. "Wouldn't it be wonderful if I did..."

When I was 14 years old, I had a dream of somehow magically lifting up and traveling off to join distant thunderheads. Then once there, to gleefully dance with the lightning, thunder and rain.

At that age, my dream expressed as a quiet inner wistfulness. I had no clue that not only would I be doing this for real, but that I would be taking people with me who would pay me for the privilege, and that this activity would be featured in such places as Japan Radio, the London U.K Telegraph, CBS UP to the Minute, Hardcopy, the Tom Brokaw Evening News and others.

Between 1996 and 2005, I led clients from all over the world in pursuit of their dreams - of seeing a tornado and other awesome weather associated with these splendid storm systems.

I am here to tell you that if I could make dreams happen this way, so can you.

My dreams continue. One is to be a source of inspiration and hope for hundreds of thousands of individuals, so that they will come to a clearer sense of their own Divinity. One way of doing this is assisting people to uncover and bring forth their most cherished life dreams.

Another dream I have is to build a monolithic dome home by the ocean. A warm tropical type ocean where the rythm of the waves, sun, thunderheads, lightning, winds, calls of the birds all blend into one harmonous symphony.

There are other dreams as well. I invite you to share your dreams and successes as you explore this blog, and contact me personally as desired.


I offer "the Joy of Storm Hunting" speaking engagements; awaken people to discover storm-safe home construction; and assist people in fully expressing their inner Divinity.